Grow, Eat, Thrive - Growing Gardens for Health

Putting Research Into Use

Klein Buendel is a communications firm specializing in the research and development of programs to change behavior and educate communities about health promotion and disease prevention. Combining the talents of researchers, health educators, graphic designers and web developers, KB creates engaging and innovative programs, such as Grow, Eat, Thrive to disseminate to a variety of audiences.

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Every day, researchers around the world discover more ways to improve the lives of people everywhere. Unfortunately, many of these discoveries never reach the people who will benefit from them most. We strive to create cost-effective health education and training solutions that allow research to grow into knowledge that will positively effect people's daily lives.

Klein Buendel joins the talents of its founders, Mary Buller and Aimee Giese. Both are formerly of AMC Cancer Research Center, where they worked together on numerous health education projects. In 2002, they decided to strike out on their own and create Klein Buendel. Klein was Mary's maiden name; Bunch was Aimee's – which is Buendel in German. "Klein Buendel" means "small bunch," which they felt was appropriate for their small bunch of people with big ideas!

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Klein Buendel has four distinct working groups that support the research and technological efforts of the company: Research, Administration, Data and Creative. Throughout any project, ALL our teams will touch our work to fulfill our ultimate mission: to improve health by creating and disseminating evidence-based products to the widest possible audience.

The Creators

The creators of Grow, Eat, Thrive wanted to develop a program that was engaging for both teachers and students that would teach some basic nutrition principles while participating in interactive and hands-on lessons explaining where food comes from and how to eat healthy and be active each day.

Lee Stiffler-Meyer, MPH

Lee received a B.S in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin and a M.P.H. from the University of Denver. She has been involved with nutrition education both in her professional life and in volunteer work. The creation of this garden-enhanced curriculum unit brought together Lee's work with Slow Food USA and her background in nutrition and public health to create a meaningful program for school-age children.

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Mary Buller, MA

Mary is the president of Klein Buendel, Inc and has led multiple research projects in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. Past interventions include a peer-education program for working men to increase fruit and vegetable intake, a worksite wellness website also aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable intake and web-based program for college freshmen making the transition from home to independence.

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